NATTOKINASE 50MG 60 Capsules * 50%

Johannes Wessels
My doctor prescribed warfirin and other junk stuff. I scanned the internet and started using nattokinase for more than a year now. Took blood samples again this week with result 1.
This stuff works!....

SCELETIUM 50MG 60 Capsules

Hennie Oosthuysen
I have suffered from non specific depression for all my adult life. By taking Sceletium (3 times a day in the beginning, now down to 1 at bedtime) I no longer suffer from depression!...

SCELETIUM 50MG 60 Capsules

Retha van Rensburg
This is the most amazing stuff (fast acting in my opinion) ever! After having a break down a few years back, I was very reluctant to use chemical pills and started using Sceletium instead. Needless to say, I will recommend this product ANYTIME!! With anxiety I also became very lethargic and found that Sceletium gave me "wings" much better than Red Bull!! Haha.....

BRUTAL JACK 300 Capsules

xhanti keva
the stuff is unbelievable,great gains bt difficult to get hold of around King Williams Town.i want more........