Bleeding Gums

Gums are pinky and spongy structures, essential for holding and protecting the teeth. They adhere to the teeth very closely to prevent entry or spreading of the infection inside, to the root of the teeth or jaw bone.
Due to ageing or disease, gums weaken and recess, paving way for teeth falling out , so in all this process of receding, the teeth seem to be elongated, sensitive and feel shaky with bleeding.
Bleeding from the gums is mainly due to injury, infection, or inflammation of the gums. Such infected or inflamed gums are medically called gingivitis. It can be seen as red line of blood in the gum line.
If bleeding persists, then it should be taken seriously, as it is a possible indication of illnesses like leukemia, bleeding disorders, etc. One should be aware of hemophiliacs who usually bleed to death, so bleeding gums is a serious condition.

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