Assimilation - Poor

The digestion and assimilation of food is accomplished by taking large pieces of foods and breaking them down into very small molecules. These food molecules can then be absorbed into the blood and used by the body as nutrients. Many people could benefit greatly by simply chewing their food more thoroughly. This is the most energy-efficient mechanical action the body can take to break down food. After chewing, the body must expend a lot of energy producing acid and alkaline digestive juices, digestive enzymes and muscle contractions to break down the food. 50% of digestion should take place in the mouth - by chewing your food thoroughly.
There are four main criteria for optimum digestion and elimination:
1. The correct type and amount of digestive enzymes.
2. Adequate acidophilus and other friendly intestinal bacteria.
3. The correct pH (acid/base balance) in each area of the digestive tract (acidic in the stomach, alkaline in the small intestine, neutral in the large intestine).
4. Having an adequate amount of fiber in the diet.

Products are listed in comparative order of importance, although products lower down the list could be the answer according to individual circumstances. If more than one product is mentioned per line, then choose only one.
Generally the more products used from a list will produce better results, i.e. start with what appears to be the most appropriate supplement and then add others until the desired result is achieved.

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