Perspiration - Offensive

Abnormal body odor is a matter of considerable concern for the sufferers and, perhaps, to others around them as well. The general surface of the body, hair, feet, groin, perineum and breath all contribute to the general odor of the body, but, it is the smell emanating from the armpits which produces the most powerful odor. There are many causes for the normal and abnormal body odors.
The normal body odor, especially after puberty, originates from the specialized sweat glands in the armpits known as apocrine glands. These glands, which secrete a fatty sweat, are a suitable ground for the normal resident bacteria of the body to multiply and breakdown the fats in the skin to cause the typical odors in adults. These glands are also present, though in lesser numbers and sizes, in the groin, the perianal skin, umbilicus, and breast. To a lesser extend, the normal sweat, sebum, hair, nails and the keratin, the protein present in skin cells, also contribute to the overall body odor.

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